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A scat fetish sexual position. A woman lies on her back and extends her legs up towards the ceiling and then spreads her legs apart as wide as she can. Her man will then step into the

" V " created by her legs and put his anus directly over her vagina and will then defecate directly into her vagina. If he has vaginal sex with her right after the deposit, this is called a Massachusetts Mudbowl.
Similar to two lesbians scissoring but the guy poops right into her pussy making a Deer Island Drop. Deer island is the waste water treatment plant for Boston.
by Bobby Bou July 07, 2010
Unlike daredevils who have developed a bad-boy reputation, a dareangel is a stunt performer who prides themselves as being good. ie a Roman Catholic Bishop
Pope Benedict, himself an avid motocross rider and amateur dareangel, also participated in the stunt show.
by Bobby Bou October 16, 2011
Slang for telling jokes or doing a comedy act.
I'll be performing at the Comedy Studio this Friday night and I'll be flying kites at 9 PM.
by Bobby Bou March 31, 2011

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