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Loss of pectoral muscle function and range of motion. Most commonly caused by excessive chest exercises in a workout.

Side effects include: Slowed Upper body movement speed, Soreness, Acute desire to stretch chest area, Chronic probing of chest.

Chronic Pectoralysis leads to: Enhanced Breast size, Rounding of breasts, Increased bench press, Enhanced Peacocking ablility

Exercises known to cause Pectoralysis:
-Bench Press
-Chest Flys
-Incline/Decline Bench Press
-Pec Deck
-Multiple Varriations of Push Ups (medicine ball, One handed, Bosu Walkovers, Etc..)
-I did the P-90X chest/Back workout and I had Pectoralysis for a week!

-Hey man did you get Pectoralysis from Mondays workout?

-Sorry Coach I cant do push ups today, I have a severe case of Pectoralysis.
by Bobby Blueberry July 14, 2011

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