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16 definitions by Bobby A

A person that is always trying to sniff panties.
Ryan Miller is a pantie shark.
by Bobby A August 08, 2003
a boy with balogne tits
rich is a cool cat, but large
by Bobby A August 08, 2003
when u give a girl a wedgie, and her panties ride up her twat.
i caught Aslee pussy pickin when she thought i wasnt lookin
by Bobby A August 08, 2003
the act in which a man or a woman puts a strap on on there ass and drives down into the pussy or ass
" The bee stinger hurts my ass"
by Bobby A February 11, 2003
its when a girl is so prude, her shit looks like raisin bread
Muhr E left a raisin loaf in borgers toilet
by Bobby A August 08, 2003
When ur fingerin a girl and u jam ur pinky up her ass without telling her.
I gave Ashley the slipper when she was sleeping.
by Bobby A August 08, 2003
when u put afrosheen in ur pubes and touch foster children
ryan miller is such a fag
by Bobby A August 22, 2003