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4 definitions by Bobby Revell

Fumundafromunder my nutsscrotumtesticles: Comes from the slang, "Fremunda cheese, the viledankcheese frumunda my nuts--the oldest relics of crosseyedinbredredneck slang."
"Hey fool--You want some frumunda cheese." said The morbidly grotesque ruffian. "whats frumunda cheese?"0 asks the frail albino boy. "it's the cheese frumunda my nuts!"
by Bobby Revell March 16, 2005
Having a slow way about you--or--Being unemotional cold -- just there...no aliveness.
Example 1. "You mean--even though your family was just violently butchered into blood sodden slices --you want a fucking cheeseburger? You aint nothing but a phlegmatic motherfucker. . ." Example 2. Confronted with the 25 strong gang of violent murder hungry demons on a dark L.A. back alley, I said, "Pardon me for being so PHLEGMATIC, --But, which one of you frail --confused--bitches wants uncle butcher to skin and debone ya asses rright now?" I said in a phhlegmatic manner.
by Bobby Revell March 17, 2005
Means sharpely slick perceptive, aware, very keen.
"Now, Billy might look like a retarded freak, but thats one trenchantpercipient mother fucker!"
by Bobby Revell March 16, 2005
someone who is in a crazed frenzy--In a violentlly furious frenzy--
" Did billy take is psychotropic medications--Today 'cause that motherfucker ain't just frenzied he's fucking FRENETIC. . ." Or another example would be -- "CHILL OUT motherfucker !!! THE COPS ARE RIGHT OUTSIDE . . .
by Bobby Revell March 18, 2005