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person of extreme stature. Loved by everyone. Admired
Tom Cruise is such a carsten
by Bobby April 04, 2005
A spin-off of the word slut. The word "slute" is used in context at work or in front of an actual "slut" to keep the dumb bitch or politically correct retards at work from bitching at HR. It can also be used dynamically to reflect a cracked out whore that you'd consider sleeping with after a line of coke and a 12 pack.
Man! That slute is ugly. Gimme a coupla' more beers and its on.
by Bobby April 26, 2004
the most wonderful and beautiful person i know, who i love very much.
Bobby loved bethie so much, he couldn't express it.
by Bobby April 05, 2005
A cigarette with such flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc.
Orignally from India. Bidis are now found in the US attracting minors everywhere.
by Bobby July 02, 2004
A style of music that has emo influence but instead of whiny pussy singing has mostly screamo. The Used, Thursday and Thrice are not screamo and if you think so, your wrong bitch!
Saetia, Joshua Fit for Battle, Orchid, Neil Perry...and The Assistant..you have probably never heard of any of these bands
by bobby October 05, 2004
Get fucken huge

How powerlifters eat
"Hey man, my bench wont go up"

"Start eatin GFH"
by Bobby July 26, 2004
Cartoons in which stick men are killed in a humorous way.
Rob Lewis has a website about stick death.
by Bobby May 11, 2003

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