38 definitions by Bobby De Niro

Intelligent Dance Music.
Genre's such as Electronica, Trip-Hop, Ambient, Chillout/Lounge, Acid Jazz.
IDM is great for chilling.
by Bobby De Niro May 10, 2005
Real ugly and the least funniest of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
Get a haircut Ron White.
by Bobby De Niro March 17, 2005
Removal of the foreskin. Rumored to enhance sexual pleasure but proven false...if anything, it decreases sexual pleasure because the penis head becomes less sensitive(of the constant rubbing of your pants).
There's no point in a circumcision. If you do it because you think it's cleaner, then your a lazy ass who can't simply pull some skin back while showering.
by Bobby De Niro December 04, 2004
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