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A non-funny comedian who thinks she can do and say whatever she wants to everybody because she's "black ya'll!"
by Bobby De Niro October 16, 2004
The talented musician who is original, creates his own music, is the best with synthesizers, DJ's, vocals, and plays a wide variety of instruments such as the keyboard/piano, acoustic and electric guitar, drums/bongos.

He is also a bit weird. I have his 18 B-Sides DVD and he acts a little strange but who cares...his music is incredible.
Moby has made the first electronic blues album.
by Bobby De Niro August 04, 2004
Was very common in AOL chatrooms in the 90's. Someone would use a hack program to send a code into the chatroom...and anyone who had their chat sounds on would get the blue screen of death or something similiar...forcing them to restart their computer.
Dont mess with me or you'll get a punt.
by Bobby De Niro October 13, 2005
Underground convention in Las Vegas where hackers and programmers go to exchange their toys.
Geek 1: Yo, I got the Back Orifice program at Defcon!
Geek 2: Sweet! lets go hack some nubs!
by Bobby De Niro April 26, 2005
Person who wears worn/torn
clothing, tight pants, small shirts, checkered shoes or boots, dyed black hair, wears dog collars, piercings, carries a guitar, thinks rebellious(anarchy), and plays/listens to punk rock
Everyone in my music technology class is a punker so I know what they look like.
by Bobby De Niro October 18, 2004
Another word for a gay guy.
haha look at that fairy he looks so gay.
by Bobby De Niro July 23, 2004
The way Europeans/Australians call their mother instead of "mom"
I rather call my mom "mommy" then "mummy" because my mother isn't a corpse wrapped in bandages.
by Bobby De Niro August 04, 2004

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