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A good sign that someones gunna be a dick head on MSN if conversation is started with this word.
"Hey Jo!"
"...hufflecake :D"
by bobblehead February 19, 2005
Troll like creature funnind "client services" at a software company with tentacles that shake as it waddles and a head that bobs around on top of the neck. It communicates by a series of raspy squeaks and cracking noises belived to come from the oversized head. The creature thrives on inefficiency and counter-productivity. Given it's tempermental nature the creatures behavior is eratic at best. Despite it's unprecictable behavior it can usually be controlled by providing an ass to stick it's nose in or a reality show to talk about.
Stay clear of the back area, the bobblehead is on the rampage.
by Bobblehead January 06, 2004

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