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A horrible on screen romance portrayed by Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstine. This has been a side in a war or romancw ships between hamerons and huddys. This on screen romance has no romance off screen where the hameron(house/cameron) romance still lives on. This horrible twist to the show caused ratings to drop over 4 million viewers and made a fool out of the show "HouseMd". This awful plot has been created by David shore, who is absolutely oblivious to the obvisous chemistry between not only Dr.Cameron and Dr.House, but Jen Morrison and Hugh Laurie. Lisa Edlestine and Hugh Laurie just don't have the same chemistry and "houseMd" is taking blame for David shores mistakes.
"That Huddy kiss looked like Hugh was in pain"

"David Shore wants to have huddy sex scene what a retard"
by Bobbi Bobberson June 22, 2009
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