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The greatest Star Wars site ever created. It can be found at www.JediBites.com
I love the message boards at JediBites.
by Bobbacca March 30, 2003
The wookie with the Green Hippie Sunglasses and the Golden Pen and Golden Datapad who is an admin at www.JediBites.com (check it out).

See also: JediBites
Bobbacca is a great admin in the summer when he has time to be constantly online, but a poor admin during the school year when he has a busy schedule and is hardly ever on.
by Bobbacca March 30, 2003
The shortened way to say Jedi Happy Dance. See also: Jedi Padawan EMI, JediBites
I'm going to JediBites now! *JHD*
by Bobbacca April 13, 2003
The second greatest science fiction series of all time next to Space Cadets.
Jedi Bites is the greatest Star Wars site ever!

See Also: JediBites, Space Cadets
by Bobbacca April 13, 2003

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