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A organized group of Digg users who banded together to promote articles that they approve of for Political, Social, or Religious reasons. In turn they also censor articles that they think hurt their views or promote the views of an opposing group.

Digg Nazis can be from almost any background. What they have to have is the willingness to organize into a group to manipulate Digg for their own gain
What happened to all those articles about the that Scandal? It looks to be the work of Digg Nazis.
by Bob_the_Concerned_Patriot September 09, 2010
A Conservative ideologue who tries to censor articles that might hurt their political views on Digg while promoting ones that promote their views. To a Digg Patriot everything is about partisan politics, regardless of the trends, and popularity of articles on Digg.
Originally a Digg Patriot gathered on a Yahoo Group called Digg Patriots to receive orders form other Digg Patriots on what articles to bury.
by Bob_the_Concerned_Patriot September 09, 2010

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