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2 definitions by BobDole1234

N. Someone who consumes his own semen after masturbation.
V. To "ronnee" means to eat one's own semen after masturbation.

Though being a ronnee is harmless many people still consider the act of ronneeing to be very weird and very gross.

Supposedly about 4 or 5 out of every 10 guys has tried ronneeing, and 1 out of 10 guys ronnees on a regular basis.
"I love to ronnee it really turns me on"
"Dude I heard that kid ronnees"
"Your so ****ing weird you probably ronnee at night you sick bastard"
by BobDole1234 April 27, 2008
An erection one gets while at a large family gathering from seeing close relatives.
Man I was suffering big time from Hillbilly Bone when my cousins went swimming at my family reunion.
by BobDole1234 July 28, 2010