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the pwniest pwner of pwnage in all of pwnland.
Dude, look, it's Pwninstein!!!!
by Bob882 March 01, 2005
To pwn someone, with a little more class.
I say, good sir, I shall now go merrily to pizzone those n00bs. Cheerio!
by Bob882 January 30, 2005
An extremely high level of pwnage, also known as pwnership. When someone is pwned and you want to rub it in, so you say HAHAHA pwned in da faise!
n00b: WTF!? I died 10 times already!??!

Me: HAHAHAHA pwned in da faise!
by Bob882 December 18, 2004
Some stupid bastard with an IQ of 20 or so that always recommends definitions for deletion because he says "Not a slang term. I wish all these uber geeks would stop their nerdy rantings about scifi and childish card games". What an asshole! He doesn't realize that geeks rule the world and when he grows up he'll be licking the boots of someone who actually has a brain instead of playing high school sports.
Every time I see a definition recommended for deletion by the antigeek jock asshole I recommend it stays even if I normally wouldn't.
by Bob882 November 30, 2004
When you want clothes dye, to die.
Die, dye! Or I'll kick your butt!
by Bob882 November 09, 2004
One who woots. Woot!

If you woot, you are a wooter!
Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot!
by Bob882 September 11, 2004
A variant of anime fan that only like subs, not dubs, and insults anyone who prefers dubs. Subsnobs think subs are the only 'real anime' and dubs are stupid and immature, when in fact it is themselves who are stupid and immature.
OMG, that guy is such a subsnob!
by Bob882 November 28, 2004

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