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76 definitions by Bob882

Rabid Fullmetal Alchemist Fan. An anime fan obsessed with the anime Full Metal Alchemist. Unlike RIFs, they usually know how to spell, but aren't usually any smarter. They often bash people for having the opinion that FMA isn't the greatest show in the history of the universe.
Some Random Person: You know, FMA isn't really as great as it's cracked up to be

RFMAF: You are an idiot. FMA is the best show ever and if you don't like it, you are obviously too stupid to comprehend its incredibly advanced and amazing plot, great characters, and supreme dominance over everything ever. In addition, you are probably ugly, short, fat, and bald, and have a small penis. Oh, and you suck.
by Bob882 February 17, 2005
An emotional state consisting of being severely pissed - off.

I made up the word myself.
Wow, that guy certainly needs something to help his constant pissed - offitude.
by Bob882 November 17, 2004
Short for 'fuck acid'
Fkasd!!!!! Bijfadokfjias hfksd fdsajkl hfjklhfjkldhfjklhjklfhf
by Bob882 September 07, 2004
Similar to when it's raining cats and dogs, except it's raining wolves.
Uh, oh, we better get inside, because a wolf's rain is starting.
by Bob882 August 28, 2004
Some stupid bastard with an IQ of 20 or so that always recommends definitions for deletion because he says "Not a slang term. I wish all these uber geeks would stop their nerdy rantings about scifi and childish card games". What an asshole! He doesn't realize that geeks rule the world and when he grows up he'll be licking the boots of someone who actually has a brain instead of playing high school sports.
Every time I see a definition recommended for deletion by the antigeek jock asshole I recommend it stays even if I normally wouldn't.
by Bob882 November 30, 2004
An unused death in Teeny Tiny Girl Squad.

Apparently, to be killed by a tetherball.
You got tetherball'd!
by Bob882 November 15, 2004
1. A race of demons from the Warcraft universe, members of the burning legion. Their leader was Mannoroth, who corrupted the orcs by having them drink his blood. Mannoroth was killed by Thrall and Grom Hellscream.

2. A neutral hero unit, available at the tavern, in Warcraft III. Has the Howl of Terror, Rain of Fire, Cleaving attack, and Doom spells.

3. An extremely grumpy or disagreeable person.
Mannoroth was the leader of the pit lords

Haha, my pit lord pwned your base!

My dad can be such a pit lord sometimes
by Bob882 November 04, 2004