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76 definitions by Bob882

Non - Rabid - Inuyasha fan. A fan of the show Inuyasha who is not psychotically obsessed with it, is able to respect other people's opinions that differ from his/her own, and is capable of acting in a mature, dignified manner (although they don't always). Most NRIFs are also able to spell correctly, as opposed to RIFs.

NRIFs are often persecuted by people who assume that all IY fans are RIFs. That is one of the reasons they tend to despise RIFs, in addition to the fact that they are incredibly annoying.
Are you a RIF or an NRIF?
by Bob882 December 13, 2004
A website that seeks to form a campaign to get Cartoon Network to fund a third season of the anime series Big O. This is a good idea, however, their site often contains insulting material to fans of other animes, and other people in general.
I went to SaveBigO.com, but I don't think they should be jerks to fans of other series.
by Bob882 August 31, 2004
A ciggarette that you put in your ear instead of your mouth. Originates from Dilbert.
Dilbert: Time for an eargarrete break.

Wally: Ear mint?
by Bob882 July 31, 2005
Rabid Inuyasha Fan. A crazy fan of Inuyasha who is obsessed to the point of commiting suicide if it was to hypothetically be cancelled.

Tell - tale signs of a RIF include:

Badd speelink and gramer

Inability to comprehend simple terms like STFU noob.

Making you want to bash your skull in.

Also see flamebait.
RIFs give all the mature fans of the show a bad reputation.
by Bob882 September 21, 2004
Equivalent to I'm 13373|2 than u, except even though it sounds dorky, it is actually cooler.
Haha, I just kicked your ass!

I'm one thousand three hundred and thirty - sevener than you!
by Bob882 August 28, 2004
The pharoah who built the pyramids. Except Erik von Danikan says he didn't and thinks that aliens did instead.
If Khufu read Eric Von Danikan's book, he'd lock him up in his pyramid for 10,000 years.
by Bob882 December 12, 2004
A button on the graphing calculator. The 'o' isn't actually an o, it's some kind of greek letter that looks like an o with a line through it. People say it's used for entering variables, but it really sends a signal to the alien Xton who will come and dominate our civilization in the year 3496
I just pressed the xton button. Your descendents will all be slaves
by Bob882 November 17, 2004