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Similar to a flame war, it is a verbal conflict that takes place on the internet. However, both parties attempt to sound intelligent by insulting each other with larger and more complex words each time, eventually having to use the dictionary to find their insults.
'Corpulent' is a good word to use in a dictionary war.
by Bob882 October 26, 2004
The female form of Bob.
I was going to name my kid Bob, but she was a girl, so I named her Bobatha instead
by Bob882 October 25, 2004
The dorkiest person alive. Avoid at all costs, or you might be contamined with his incurable dorkiness.
Oh, no! It's Dorkenstien! Head for the hills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He'll dorkify us all!!
by bob882 July 05, 2004
The state of wearing a hat.
Come on up, you, the behatted one.
by Bob882 November 24, 2004
The lamest scifi character ever, who is so annoying he makes me want to pull my ears off
Wesley Crusher is teh s uck
by Bob882 September 07, 2004
Of or relating to dorkenstein. Often incredibly dorky people, things, actions, or ideas.
Man, that song is downright dorkenstenian!
by Bob882 October 01, 2004
Non - Rabid - Inuyasha fan. A fan of the show Inuyasha who is not psychotically obsessed with it, is able to respect other people's opinions that differ from his/her own, and is capable of acting in a mature, dignified manner (although they don't always). Most NRIFs are also able to spell correctly, as opposed to RIFs.

NRIFs are often persecuted by people who assume that all IY fans are RIFs. That is one of the reasons they tend to despise RIFs, in addition to the fact that they are incredibly annoying.
Are you a RIF or an NRIF?
by Bob882 December 13, 2004

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