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Trance Gemini, the hottest character on the TV show Andromeda. The show sucks, but Trance almost makes up for it. She's a weird purple alien chick, who turns golden in the later seasons of the show, for some reason.
I wanna do Trance

Um, is this supposed to be longer or something?
by Bob882 October 07, 2004
A subhuman form of life that deserves to be treated like the scum they are.
Look, a West Wing fan!

Eww!!!! Kill it, kill it!
by Bob882 November 24, 2004
(Something that beings with G) in name only
That American Godzilla movie is just GINO (Godzilla in name only)
by Bob882 September 18, 2005
A waterspout, similar to a tornado.
Oh, no, an oe! We better get away before we get sucked into it's awful swirling winds and w - aa -tt -ee rr!!!!!

Too late, we're dead.
by Bob882 September 22, 2004
Okay, there are a lot of definitions for this word, and most of them are crap. I'm going to give you the complete, unabridged, truth:

Definition 1: Anime is the French (yes, French) word for animation. Simple, no?

Definition 2: Anime is a word used in Japan for any animation. It is taken from the french word.

Definition 3: This is the definition that is most commonly used and encountered in the United States. It means 'animation made in Japan, or by Japanese people'. That's it.

So, there are three definitions. I hope we're all clear now.
French guy: Ze anime is good, yes?

Japanese Guy: The first anime, Gertie the Dinosaur, was made in 1912.

American Guy: Anime is animation from Japan.

Three different definitions, got it!?!?
by Bob882 September 07, 2004
It doesn't mean anything. It can mean anything that your imagination can concieve.
Hey, look, a giant zef!

Well, zef me good!

Zef - tastic!

Zef - o - matic!!
by bob882 July 05, 2004
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