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That chunk of snow/ice with unknown objects melting in the front yard every spring. Seen in northern climates. Objects may include paper, plastic bags, car parts, and small animals unfortunate to be hit by a car that are then thrown to the side of the road via a snowplow.
Dude, the snow is really melting now. My whatsicle is starting to reveal some really wild stuff from over the winter. I'm pretty sure there's a cat in there.
by bob1655 March 19, 2011
That time generally starting a few days before Thanksgiving and ending sometime after the New Year where everyone appears to lose all common sense. Highlighted by events such as Black Friday, Drunk Christmas Parties, Fights over parking stalls at malls, erratic driving on freeways, an unexplainable increase in the number of people out and about, and general chaos wherever people tend to congregate.
Dude this sucks. I try to go to a store and I get hit by the Forty-Five Days of Stupid. People cutting me off on the drive over, fights over a parking stall, crabby-ass folks in line at the check out, and clerks that look like they would rather kill you and stick you in a closet than ring up your tab.

I'm gonna go in the basement with a six-pack and wait it out.
by Bob1655 December 19, 2011
a direct response to someone asking you "Your what hurts?"
Someone says "Your what hurts?" You respond, "Did you say something?"
by Bob1655 November 12, 2010

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