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some who cleans up gizz
alex wu
by bob the knob September 24, 2003
The two time, back to back, world war champions.
Person 1: did u hear about USA.

Person 2: the world war champs? F*** yeah! We're the best country in the world.
by Bob the knob July 22, 2014
Total lust accompanied by dangerously rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, blurred vision, salivation, huge smiles and increased blood flow to the genitals.
Wow! All I can remember from that AIM conversation was that I was drooling all over my wrists and hands and that my rock-hard cock was forced into the bottom of my keyboard. I was feeling so much NOBBIANCE that when my fingers finally touched her wet pussy I nearly shot my wad right in my cubicle (143) at work.
by Bob the Knob October 26, 2003
the piece of shit that sprint sold to me last year. looks like it should make telephone calls, but it usually just gets yelled at a lot.
This fucking smartphone is the ultimate piece of shit. Do you know where a phonebooth is?
by Bob the Knob February 07, 2005

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