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One resembling skidmarks upon the undershorts of life.
Osama, you are such a shitstain.
by Bob the Dog March 10, 2006
The short stubbly pubes leftover when a man decides after a week it's no longer a good idea to shave his balls.
"We can't do it right now. Your nut needles keep stabbing my ass."
by Bob the Dog August 20, 2005
Esophogeal emanations from oral orifice which cause victims to think a person has recently consumed a sandwich filled with feces: A person whose breath smells so bad it is as though they ate a shit sammich for lunch.
"YO! Shit sammich, go brush your friggin teeth!"
by Bob the Dog August 20, 2005
The words uttered by anyone who has just slammed their thumb/finger with a hammer. Can also be used as a derogatory term when speaker is stumped for a suitable comeback.
"Is your dick really that small?"
"Screw you, bitchfacewhoredog!"
by Bob the Dog August 20, 2005
Anyone acting in a wishy washy, indecisive manner.
Quit bein' a John Kerry and pick a friggin' drink, willya?
by Bob the Dog March 10, 2006
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