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oh, politics dont even enter into it. this is the most ridiculous and weak political maneuver ever.
A half-hearted attempt for politicians to show "patriotism" without actually taking any position or action.
And french fries were named after a Mr. French, who invented them. ..or maybe that's french toast. whatever.
Next time I go to a restaurant, i'm gonna order some french fries, french toast, a salad with french dressing, and a croissant.
by Bob Smithly April 19, 2003
to fuck a girl from both ends, oral and anal, "like a pair of goddamn chinese finger cuffs."
see Chasing Amy. not the word; the movie. i'm serious, go see it.
we were fucking mary-jane the other night, when we started finger-cuffing her.
by Bob Smithly April 19, 2003
damn, that Don Knotts is a fucker.
by Bob Smithly April 22, 2003

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