33 definitions by Bob Saget

n. cheater on on-line games or a computer hacker(can be used with 1337)
OMG! taht Guy is 1337 h4x0r!!111
by bob saget January 15, 2003
To own someone by verbally embarrassing them in front of their peers. To exaggerate a situation thus making it seem life or death.
FNG got Peeple'd for sleeping at his desk.
by Bob Saget January 20, 2004
1. An unexperienced player in the game of RuneScape
2. One who performs acts of the ch00bish religion
3. Theodore Needham
Hey, check out that ch00bz wearing full bronze!
by Bob Saget February 09, 2003
see yoda
wow there is shizdbidelyite over there wita light saber
by bob saget June 21, 2004
LoL door in the floor slang for celler or basement. Normally used by people who like to ryhme shit off? lol :S
Oi get down the door in the floor you dirty hick bastard
by Bob saget November 20, 2004
Steer Clear. Tyrants rule this place.. and you will be killed if you tell the boss's wife not to wear perfume. They set you up to fail yet you still succeed.
"Whoa that perfume really sucks.. stop wearing it."
by Bob Saget January 26, 2005
The coolest place ever.
Flora just agreed to go on a date with me! I'm practically in the wunderbred corner!
by Bob Saget January 24, 2003
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