33 definitions by Bob Saget

the number one solution to being obese
mmmmmmmmm doughnuts
by bob saget June 21, 2004
Noun - A man who engages in the act of attempting to round up either side of the sex for a active night of sexual escapades. Formerly a deragatory term it can be used in a flattering sense.
You see that dude their he's an ass wrangler.
by Bob Saget May 06, 2005
look up crap
damn my fucking windows has broke.
by bob saget June 21, 2004
a yummy delicious treat packed in perfect sized plastic container; normally consumed by a plastic spoon. Often packed in little kid's lunch pail.
Yo doodz dis snack pack is xtreme
by bob saget June 21, 2004
One shitty ass show. Proves that Music Television has forgotten its previous objective, which was presenting music videos for the public to enjoy.
Full House is a better show than Road Rules.
by Bob Saget July 14, 2003
Maryland car club. Mainly autocross, some drag, and some show cars.
Man that car is from team asylum racing. I wonder where he races. That car must be fast.
by bob saget March 26, 2004
When a girl or woman looks good at a distance but as she soon as she gets within three meters you see that she is baying at the moon.
Beer Googles fading.....
by Bob Saget April 26, 2005
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