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1. A place where you can pretty much get away with whatever the fuck you want, and still graduate. The place where someone has the gall to put a fucking terd on the windowsill. and most importantly the place where the vice principal has the balls to barehand it.

2. A good way to blow 28,000 clams.

3. A bunch of untucked polo shirts and popped collars. And Doherty can't do shit about it.

4. Home of the world renowned Dowling food service.

5. Br. Reidy's estate.
1. Student: Good Mornign mr. Barehand donelly, whats that on your hand?
BBD: Why, i believe thats terd?!.

2. Its not worth seven thousand a year.

3. Please tuck in your shirt son.
no, ass.

4. 5 is 10, 10 is 20... Thank you very much have a nice weekend.

5. I sit on a lawnchair in my backyard to watch highschool football games.
by Bob Ross April 07, 2005
crazed suicide bomber
The crazed swanni blew up a bus.
by Bob Ross December 15, 2003
a rabbit in climax, with sticky hair, because of jizz all over itself
a rabbit that just had hardcore sex
by bob ross May 10, 2003
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