5 definitions by Bob Ronkin

The act of ramming 4 fingers in a girls vagina, and the opposable thumb as far up her asshole as you can. After this, you squeeze until she can't stand the pain and kicks you in the nuts.
Man, I gave that slut the meathook. She kicked me in the jimmy, but I think deep down, she liked it.
by Bob Ronkin March 28, 2003
Driving While Black: Especially common in wealthy Long Island Towns, where the cops do nothing but bust up parties and enforce DWB.
Jarrell, despite being a GC resident, had trouble driving through the bubble and frequently was ticketed for DWBB
by Bob Ronkin May 31, 2003
The act of railing a chick from behind, followed by pulling out, and hocking a lookie on her back. Thinking you just blew your load she turns around, just then you shoot it all over her face.
The girl was so upset after I pulled the ghost ship on her, she was forced clean jizz out of her ears, nose and hair for hours.
by Bob Ronkin March 28, 2003
Luring girls into a false sense of security by acting feminine around them. Then, when they least expect it, get them drunk and stick your penis in their herpee-riddled vagina.
Posto may have sex as a result of excessive gmt, but we got the last laugh, when his fresh case of herpees inflamed causing the itchiest crotch ever!
by Bob Ronkin March 28, 2003
The act of welshing people out of money, by making ludacris 200 dollar bets on things they know little about, then saying "no it was only a 20 dollar bet" and still not paying.
Posto was a fucking scumbag, after that Jet-Raider playoff game he pulled the shnozto on me, and I never collected a cent
by Bob Ronkin March 29, 2003

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