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I have three of them at home, a big black one, a bigger brown one, and a black and white one. They are up for anything I want to do any time I want to do it. They never complain about being hot or cold or wet or cranky or a bad day at work or with the kids. They don't care about anniversaries or birthdays or mothers day and they don't want a card, any gift is always welcome. They will lick my feet on a hot day right after I get my shoes off or cuddle all night to keep me warm and never complain that they are getting stiff and have to turn over.
All they ask is a bucket of cold water and a couple of bowls of dog food every day and they think I'm great. If I let them lick my plate, or if I take them 4 a walk or throw the frisbee they think I am a God. If anyone threatens me they will gladly take him on even if he is a catapillar tractor.
I don't know any woman that even aspires to this level of love, loyalty, dedication and commitment.
Bitch is a good thing.
A "Bitch". Funny you say "bitch" like it was a bad thing.
by Bob Resare July 06, 2006

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