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Some one who you smoke copious amounts of the sticky green with, whenever you see each other. You have had so many epiphanies through the smoke filled room with him, that he knows you better then you know yourself. You realize that you don't need money to be happy in life, you just need companionship, and some dank weed. You are connected not only physically (no homo), but spiritually, mentally, and emotionally...(no homo) You have never been sober with your stoner buddy for more then an hour or two, and the primary discussions when you are sober are about what your going to do when you get high. Your stories always revolve around the herb and the highs you've had. Even if you haven't seen your stoner buddy for weeks, the time when you reunite is like no time has been passed at all. You would take a bullet for this person, and would sacrifice yourself an any way. You would cross miles of sub-zero temp. during finals week to toast a bowl at two in the morning. When you buy a phat sac, you don't consider it yours, you consider it ours. Your motto is fuck it, lemme smoke this bowl wit chu first. Your always low on cash (as most stoners are) and pool and hustle anything you can just for some more mary j. Can be found slouching in ridiculous positions with empty Doritos, Mtn Dew, cereal and fruit roll up boxes, and possibly a plate of pizza rolls, with chill as beats in the background, and incomprehensible mumbles coming from somewhere in the haze.
Reagan Era Bystander on the Street: Can you hear that music coming down the street? Sounds like its...MJ malt liquer? What the Hell?!?!?!

Stoner buddy Rollin by: ah ah ah hahahaha!!!!! This songs my jam! pass dat shit!!!

Reagan: Rab damn hippies!!!!
by Bob Marley Jr. 420 rasta June 20, 2011

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