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GYNECOMASTIA:- Man boobs/moobs/man tits/ and other crude terms....

Happens when:-
(1) Men are obese
(2) Have hormonal imbalance during adolescence
(3) Have it permanently for various reasons

Hormonla imbalance can happen as:-

(1) Adolescent:- comes when a boy in his teens gets big nipples due to temporary hormonal imbalance. Generally clears up before 24 years of age.

(2) Genetically:- If you suffer from Klinefelter's syndrome, genetically low testosterone levels, or even excessively high levels of testosterone - where some of that excess testostorone gets converted to estrogen.

(3) Overuse of marijuana/ganja/weed that depressed androgens and creates estrogen, which leads to male breast development.

(4) Eating hormone-injected chickens (THE MAIN CAUSE). Chickens are injected with a hormone that causes their breasts to swell and mature faster. Unfortunately some of it residues in the human blood stream also when eaten. If this type of chicken is your staple food source - YOU WILL GET GYNECOMASTIA IN SOME FORM OR THE OTHER.

(5) Through the water supply. Urine is processed along with sewage at water treatment plants. The female hormones that come out of women don't breakdown at these plants. And so it enters our water supply at very low levels. But since we drink only that water, it accumulates in our bodies and you can guess the rest.

(6) Anabolic Sterioids:- Gynecomastia AND SHRUNKEN TESTICLES are very common amongst sterioid users. 54% of all gynecomastia surgery patients are in this category.

CURE:- My guess is simple surgery. If you are willing to find a good surgeon (no cheap ones!) especially in Virginia, it's pretty easy i heard. Man boobs are a problem to aesthetics and self-esteem, but are not health risks.

Afterall, in most cases, gynecomasts should be able to sue the chicken companies and water treatment plants, shouldn't they? But they are too embarassed to come forward.
Slight gynecomastia:- big nipples - my condition. Just squeeze them a bit before going to the swimming pool or having sex, then they contract and absolutely no one notices. HaHaHa!

Mild gynecomastia:- when only the nipples and some of the surrounding chest is slightly big and round, and doesn't show when wearing clothes. And most people don't even recognize it as man boobs

Heavy gynecomastia:- shows even if the man is wearing a sweater. Can be embarassing, especially if you are not obese.

Gynecomastia affects 36-47% of all Americans in some form or the other. However most people with slight or mild gynecomastia never realize this. Men with big nipples but living in cold countires never know their condition because in cold weather the nipples stay contracted.

A few people with (hormonal?)gynecomastia:-
(1) 50 cent
(2) Denzel Washington
(3) Fred Durst
(4) Al Sharpton
(5) Simon Cowell
(6) Big Show
by Bob Markinson April 13, 2007

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