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when a pothead trows a fit over having little to no weed and cant wait a minute for re-up in that mode he/her says words like random bad words looks for fights to yell stuff at and if dealer fails he/her will trow a even bigger tantrum.
my bro trow pothead tantrum over wanting the high grade weed
by bob lee October 15, 2013
referring to a potheads pipe that he or her will bitch and whine without it because uses it like every 5-10 minutes they just cry the more longer they have to wait on smoking getting very obnoxious like a baby crying that needs a bottle or pacifier.
my friend wont stop crying over loss of his or her high until they put the pothead pacifier in it and shut up.
by bob lee April 26, 2014
City of NBZ where the asians dominate all other races. There are many gangs in the city but NBZ is the leading dominate gang. If you come across one then duck and hide. Monterey Park is the definition of the ultimate party city.
Monterey park is the shit.
by Bob Lee June 21, 2006
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