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2 definitions by Bob La

Quote from Billy Madison mispronouced form of saying High school

No hike involved
3rd Grader: How's high school Billy?
Billy Madison: High school is great. I'm learning new things and everyone is really nice.
3rd Grader2: Gee, I can't wait till I get to hike school.
Billy Madison: (grabs 3rd grader's face and shakes it violently) Don't you say that. Don't you ever say that. Stay here. Stay here as long as you can. For the love of God, cherish it. You have to cherish it.
by Bob La May 18, 2008
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The act/art of procrastinating on any assignment to the point of one or multiple all-nighters. This can include many things however usually includes but is not limited to the following.
1. Shouting at a superior that you are almost done when you have not started
2. Loging in and out of facebook saying, "ok i really need to finish(that's what she said)"
3. Surfing the web for things you cannot afford (Ferraris, Lamborghinis, masions)
4. Watching far from viral videos on youtube then commenting said videos and forwarding them to your friends
5. Setting your status to: "pissed off that I didn't sleep
6. Throwing things
7. Buying the XXXL sized Monster and convincing people that it uses less packaging (for the enviromental late-nighters)
8. Posting on forums that have not been active for over a year.
9. Signing up for multiple "free" web offers - see scam
Guy 1: Holy Crap, I didn't finish any of my homework for the whole year.
Guy 2: What were you doing?
Guy 1: I was late-nighting writing definitions on Urban Dictionary

Guy 1: I was up Late-nighting for the last week.
Guy 2: Oh yeah that's cool.
Guy 1: I know I think I
by Bob La May 18, 2008
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