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To Vaniporize, is to enter a state of vanishing and being vaporized.
Bob Vaniporized as the blasters from the enemy ship blew him into nothingness.
by Bob Kallady February 13, 2008
To Disapteriorate is to enter a state of disappearing, and evaporating, Not to be confused with vaniporize.
As Lucy Lu ran through the sprinklers, her friend Tom Cruise watched her Disapteriorate into thin air.
by Bob Kallady February 13, 2008
A VERY offensive term to describe A man, or any other person, who wears the skin of a woman over his own, such as to where his penis is sticking through the vaginal hole. (referenced from a serial killer)
"That cunt swagger killed all those women! " or " Jeepers Creepers was such a fricken cunt swagger!"
by Bob Kallady May 19, 2007
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