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'Going Troppo' is an exclusively Australian slang term for 'going crazy'. The popular understanding about it's origin is that it comes from stories of the tropical heat in the northern parts of Australia driving people crazy.
What's Stevo doing? He must be going troppo!

NB: 'Stevo' is pronounced 'Steve-O' it's an Aussie nick-name for someone called steven/stephen.
by Bob Hu July 13, 2005
(Australian Slang)

A Mosquito.

pl. 'mossies'
"What's up jake?"
"I just got bitten by a mossie."
by Bob Hu January 08, 2004
Musical theory is vital knowledge for anyone wishing to compose music involving more than half a dozen instruments. It is recommended knowledge for anyone wishing to arrange music for more than half a dozen instruments. Anyone who writes music for more than about half a dozen instruments without knowledge of musical theory is inevitably either writing an arrangement of a simpler piece or composing modern music.

Serving suggestion: Musical theory best served with at least 2 years experience with actual musical instrument.
John spent two and a half years at the Vienna Conservatorium of Music learning musical theory.
by Bob Hu January 05, 2004
Australian/Aussie slang for 'mosquitoe' commonly used in spoken language .

for an alternate spelling see also 'mossie'

for an alternate slang term see also 'bloodsucker' (NB: 'Bloodsucker' has now been generalised to also refer to things as varied as vampires, lawyers and leeches and the term generally carries a negative connotation).
Pass me the Aerogard mate, these mozzies are gonna make me go troppo.
by Bob Hu July 13, 2005
Australian slang.
'Go Crazy'

see 'Going Troppo' for more information.
for examples of usage please see 'going troppo'

NB: the proper/standard usage in common speech is 'going troppo', it is far more common to hear the terms 'go nuts' or 'go crazy' than 'go troppo'.
by Bob Hu July 13, 2005
Aerogard is a brand of personal insect repellants that are popular in Australia. Great for warding off pests such as mosquitoes (mozzie)

There are a range of Aerogard products including sprays, roll-ons and even Aerogard sunscreen (a 2-in-1 product).
I'm going camping so I went down to the shops to pick up some Aerogard.
by Bob Hu July 13, 2005
'mozzie' for refering to mosquitoes is predominantly used in spoken language and there are varied spellings for the word (see mossie).

for an alternate slang reference to mosquitoes see also bloodsucker.
Could ya pass me that Aerogard mate? These mozzies are makin' me go troppo.
by Bob Hu July 13, 2005
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