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To Zuffle. A man who wipes his dick on a posh birds curtains
Mate, I zuffled on Penelopes curtains last night
by Bob Hope January 26, 2005
Classroom jeopardy champs.
Damn, 8600 points? No one's touching the Big MC's
by Bob Hope March 02, 2005
one who twonks, a twonk is a punch to the vagina
Alice gave Tiffany a twonk with all her might
by Bob Hope February 28, 2005
one who is giving a twonk, a twonk being a punch to the vagina
Alice twonked Tiffany with all her might
by Bob Hope February 28, 2005
The testicles of a male human. Just another word to use instead of nutsack, ballsack, balls, and testis.
Holy shit, look at that bull's bullcheggs they are fuckin' large. Prolly bigger than your dad's bullcheggs.
by Bob Hope November 27, 2004
a modern idea, when a man tucks his genitalia inbetween his legs so it resmbles a vagina, pubic hair must be present
The man appeared to have a vagina, but it was only a smurf
by Bob Hope February 28, 2005
to take speed, then ingest some type of MAO-Inhibitor through the nasal cavity, and later have MDMA build up for a couple hours to give the physical buzz of rolling for a short period of time... makes you giggly like a school girl.
man, i accidentally school girled last night, i woke up feeling fucked up!
by bob hope August 21, 2003
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