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A kidnapper dressed as a clown located in Weymouth, MA. He drives around in a van and tries to coax children into his van.
in 1980 the Weymouth Clown drove all around Weymouth seeking out children.
by Bob Gruszka October 31, 2008
having fear of Obama becoming president
It scares the living hell out of me to think Obama is going to be the next president, I am such an Obamaphobe!
by Bob Gruszka October 22, 2008
some one that is part black, white and oriental
Tiger Woods is the greatest "Oreo-ental" golfer in the world!
by Bob Gruszka October 22, 2008
Getting laid in Great Esker Park, North Weymouth, MA
After the party in the "res", me and Beth went behind a tree and I Eska Laid her realy good!
by Bob Gruszka May 01, 2009
The name of a guy in school that has bad aim with his fingers, he put them in the wrong hole.
Mudd digger is on the prowell, girls.......please watch your asses!!!!
by Bob Gruszka May 01, 2009
A place behind the Wessagusset Parking lot that us guys from O'Sullivan park used to drink. It is still there but buried.
Man we got wrecked at Parky's Pub that night.
by Bob Gruszka May 01, 2009
Being nice to ugly chicks on FaceBook...ie...sending "hugs". Just flirting online cause I'm not good at it in person.
I just "Waistbooked" Lori, and she wants me now cause I'm soooo hot.
by Bob Gruszka April 06, 2009

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