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A very quick change of two or more lanes on the highway, generally causing severe body roll to a car.
Your going to need to do a mean New Jersey Slide to get off at this exit.
by Bob Growler August 06, 2007
A left hand turn that is started far too early and made at approximately 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees. Used primarily when trying to make a turn ahead of an oncoming car, often to cut in front of a long line of oncoming cars.
That dude in the Monte Carlo just banged a harsh Boston Left
by Bob Growler August 06, 2007
A towel, t-shirt, sock, or any other rag used to wipe up a load after you beat off and blow a load on your stomach.
I was looking for a CD in Tony's room and found a crusty old T-shirt that he's been using as a Zamboni.
by Bob Growler September 24, 2007

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