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3 definitions by Bob Dole 101

Esti, osti, asti.

The most used sacre in the quebeker's (French Canadian) vocabulary. Is also refered to the "osti" in the Christian Church.

May be used as a noun or adjective.
"T ink un esti d'cave"
"Mon esti, jva t'tuer"
by Bob Dole 101 July 19, 2003
80 21
The yeh who magical word that means bitch or hoe in french.

Pute is also used to say "hoe".
"Stune criss de saloppe !"
by Bob Dole 101 July 19, 2003
80 29
Another "sacre" of the french Canadian world. This "sacre" is the most used yet overabused one in the Quebeker's common language, since it's between the vulgar and polite line.

Can also be used as an ajdective and a noun.
"Ya catché un caliss de gros poésson !"
"Toé mon caliss, jva tbastonner"
by Bob Dole 101 July 19, 2003
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