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1 definition by Bob C. Dawg

1. Unit of paste contained in a Sheath.
2. (sailor definition) Kunt.
3. The canal within which to disperse thine Throat Dog.
4. Please don;t mention the bloody machete wound
5. Elite forms of females that continue to drip like conveyor belts until dawn.
6. Any one who has actually fucked a jello cup (i.e store bought gelatin) please visit a porno site immediately.
"Dude, that bitches jello packet tasted like gardetto's snacks!"

"Holy shit I totally saw Britney Spears bloated jello packet on TV yesterday!"

"I hope Bill Clinton didn't actually PLOUGH Hillarys rusted Jello Packet!!@!!!"

"Thars a lass with a bonnie jello packet if'n i've ever seen un!" (irish proverb)

" Marmetlata! CE bene MICIO! IO MANGO MICIO!

" Dude, you totally emerged from yo mamma's jello packet!"
by Bob C. Dawg April 12, 2008
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