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Dancing or simply moshing, is an expression of the audience's emotional response to Hardcore music. Not just a dance but a social device. People can relate to people who share common enjoyment of the dance. Some hardcore kids look down on those who dance like crap. Some don't dance but hate mosh which is different from dancing in the respect that it is done in the crowd, generally with the intention of injuring spectators or those who are being disrespectful to the music, band, scene etc. Scnene kids are considered to be an abonination of the true hardcore scene in that they only show up to shows to be "trendy" and have no affiliation with music and are obsessed with being "Brootal". Some just like the fashion, whatever. anyways...Getting hurt is just something that happens at hardcore shows,during the dance. two stepping, floor punches, windmills, and spin kicks are common. so are broken noses, bruises, bloddy lips and sometimes broken bones. actually, this is bad def. of hardcore dancing and is basically an overview of hardcore in general. ha ha enjoy?
breaking shit, punching posers, hardfelt lyrics. kicking holes in the walls. throwing elbows, twosteppin your ass off. Respect, Friends, Family, Forever.

Ex.) Hardcore dancing is kinda a stupid word to describe it, try the word "Mosh". not like Butt Metall Monkey Moshing though, it's different, it's better. It involves skill.
by Bob Boyk May 06, 2008
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