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An intergalactic human female Bounty Hunter from the Metroid video game series. Clad in the ancient Chozo battle armour, the Power Suit, she foiled the plans of the Space Pirates thrice over, (thought to have)eradicated the Metroid species single-handedly, and ceased the efforts of the X-Parasite from destroying all life everywhere.
Samus Aran defeated Mother Brain.
by Bob Bobiam March 27, 2004
An ancient, possibly extinct, race of bird-like creatures from the Metroid video game series, who advanced so far in technology they can no longer advance. They left statues of themselves all across the solar system(s), and took Samus Aran in while she was a child after the invasion and complete destruction of her home, trained her in battle, and equipped her with the Power Suit.
The Chozo are ancient.
by Bob Bobiam March 27, 2004

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