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Beyond nasty; nasty with an "r"
Tina turner
by Bob Barker June 21, 2003
A woman with a face which resembles that of a man. Usually, this woman is not attractive and has wooden swords in their locker.
Dude, that girl has a manly face. She's a real man face.
by Bob Barker February 14, 2005
A woman who's face resembles that of a man.
Dude, that Brittany that goes to our school has a really manly face. She's a man face.
by Bob Barker February 14, 2005
The arc and range of a urethral load of gizzum. A landing zone of sizable distance from the origin of the shot is considered to be "good" trajacktory.
Hey man - ever since that episode with the corkscrew and the five iron my trajacktory's been off its game. I need more perk in my jerk. Bitch where's my money.
by Bob Barker February 14, 2005
A place where they stick a metal razor tiped hose in your rectum to "cleanse the dirty goblins that infect your soul and eat your mind.
Haxaobar screamed as the orderly Kipkinkif insewrted the sharm metal hose into the anus, blood spat upon the clean weathered white walls and he tryed to plead for mercy, thus doctor Choabungga projuced it is good it is nice breath the goblins away i have a big penis in your mom.
by bob barker July 01, 2003
Hand to penis transmitted disease.
Brett sneezed on his hand before he jerked off, causing him to get a HPTD.
by Bob Barker March 08, 2005
a person i do not like
ryley is a mexican and a loser
by bob barker October 19, 2004
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