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we live within 200 miles of the usa / canadaian boarder because it's to damn cold to live anywhere else.... not because we need your I.V. bag...
california vs Yukon... hmmmm
by bob December 04, 2003
quite possibly the worst type of music ever. if you enjoy the sound of someone being tortured and beaten and the sound of people stomping on small animals, metal is for you.
iron maiden is a horrible metal band, in fact all metal is irritating.
by bob February 09, 2005
from the latin phrase 'huckleberry hound' this means pound, as in £1.
can you lend me a huckleberry mate?
that will cost a huckleberry
by bob April 19, 2004
On the one hand some people grossly overrate them by saying they're the best band ever.

On the other hand even more faggots tear them a new ass unfairly and whine their eyes out saying that they suck!

FACT:Nirvana is better than...

Gn'R who suck!
Pearl Jam who suck!
Radiohead who suck!
RATM who suck!
Soundgarden or Audioslave who suck!
Smashing Pumpkins!
Faith No More!
Blink 182!
Counting Crowes!
Silver Chair!
Motley Poo!
White Zombie!
Limp Bizkit!
Puddle Of Mudd!
Kid Rock!

I could keep going but there are just too many shitty bands.I would be here forever!
So Nirvana,they're NOT the best band but they're definately NOT the worst band either.Now shut the fuck up all of you whining little pansies.YOU ALL HAVE SHITTY TASTE!
by bob November 27, 2004
A ying-yang is your butthole.What you are talking about is the yin yang which also could be your butthole.
uppa yo ying-yang
*Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words.
by Bob December 03, 2005
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