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Someone who gets in Dale Earnhardt's way on a race track.
Casey Mears is a cum dump.
by bob November 16, 2004
A big dumb kid that plays guitar with NO distortion, states the obvious, and gets beaten up by his friends.
Youre a big dumb cucci
by bob May 15, 2004
The ass of the world. Located at a latitude of 122.0 degrees south of Uranus. A crappy little hellhole near a crappy little mountain in a crappy little country called NZ. See also Hicksville.
Omg you live in Inglewood, what a shit hole!
by bob March 02, 2005
Pop singer. Loved by prebubescent girls (and some boys), and gay men for her music. Loved by straight men because, well, she's wank material.

Resented by 20-something women because she's hotter, thinner, richer, and more successful than they'll ever be.
So what if she's a whore? I'd be a whore too if it earned me over $100 million a year...
by bob March 28, 2005
The guy that belongs with Lexi
awe! That couple is so conor and Lexi
by Bob March 22, 2005
1. Idiot
2. Insane communist elected through voter fraud.
Nazi: I voted for Bush
*Gets punched in the throat*
by Bob March 23, 2005
by bob July 25, 2003

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