2 definitions by Bob, the one eyed trouser snake

1.Medicated spray fromulated for dogs, cats, and horses.
2.A large hole in which you can place a garden hose and fill with water.
3.A big black man's fat penis.
4.An old run down shack in which a homeless man who rides a hover-round scouter lives.
b1. Hurry baby get the trigget, I think the cat has another fungal infection.
2.I used the hose to fill the trigget.
3.I was walking down the street and was breated by a trigget. It was 3 astronomical untis long, it had to have been 900 million newtons.
4.I was run into by the man who live in the trigget.
Verb, slang. A term of endearment. A word used to describe someone close to you. A buddy. See: Home Skillet
What up snowplow? Hey now snowplow!
by Bob, the one eyed trouser snake November 26, 2005

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