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A place where you go to get your ass kicked, many say it does not exsist, but it is very real..many tough people fight there, like Cubze, if you are ever threatened, tell them to meet you at 55, they will be running and shitting there pants in no time, i have went there and luckily only came home with a few broken bones
Guy1: I'll kick your ass you bitch
Guy2: Oh hell no, ill meet you at 55
Guy1: 55!?!?! sweeet jesus (Signs off)
by Bob, Toothless March 29, 2005
the box in which palumbo came over the border in, since he is an adopted immagrint, his dad, Boots, makes him go in there when he is bad and only allows him one air hole..
Boots: You wanna mouth off to me boy?
Palumbo: Maybe
Boots: Thats it, ur gonig in the crate and you only get one air hole
by Bob, Toothless March 29, 2005
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