15 definitions by Bob Jones

The act of a carny turned congressman eating pussy.
Robby's mouth was stick and Hibernia was all smiles after dining delovely.
by bob jones March 19, 2005
A slang definition for any materials used in the process of getting high.

Illegal drugs & Implements used to aid there injestion.
1) Can I nick one of your Splangstruments mate? (pointing at rizzla)

Any kind of drug, Pipes, Bongs, Raps, dodgy bagys, etc..
by bob jones April 15, 2005
the word used by silly people in new jersey. it means yes, or i love you.
DOnt tell me all this air humping is leading to knowhere. NeeNoo
by bob jones October 20, 2004
Runescape God and icon worshiped by all who know him and loves to kill noobs with his friend Runeknight 95.
Fear Ninja is the king!
by Bob Jones January 09, 2005
A penis, specifically my penis.
Any girls want a ride on my jizz wagon?
by bob jones March 19, 2005
another word for throat. mainly said by the sexiest girl in the world. it is in your mouth behind your toungue!
my froto hurts. i ate to much now im going to have to throw up in the potty
by bob jones October 20, 2004
(noun) an ancient method of torture devised by cruel parents in order to deprive their children of the will to resist
Parent: Go practice the piano now! No getting off that bench until you've played an hour and a half!
by bob jones March 17, 2005

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