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18 definitions by Bob Gurch

1. Brand of German dictionary

2. Synonym for 'crap'
1. Give me the Pons...

2. Well, that's just Pons, isn't it?
by Bob Gurch May 25, 2004
Boring Mathematics teacher. Says "Raat" a lot.
Raat then, it's Doyce!
by Bob Gurch May 25, 2004
A word used by Doyce, especially in his favourite phrase:
"'Raatt' then, it's a level thrye"
by Bob Gurch August 26, 2004
Alternative spelling for the surname of Angela Pratt, Head of Sixth Form.
Guess what? Prat's just closed the CR again, because SOMEBODY MOVED A CHAIR!
by Bob Gurch March 03, 2005