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A Christian television program that features two the most hardcore mother fuckers that ever lived. Davey is a ballin' human and Goliath is his dog, who is a ice cold killa'. These two playas solve everyday moral issues and pop cherries at the same time. Goliath has been known for biting the ball sac off of whoever is hating or being a playa' hater to Davey. Davey once shot up a rival gang house, using only his dick as a gun, as his semen is capable of being .357 magnum ammo. They both once were in a fight with scrub, and all that was left of him.....was his dick!
Davey and Goliath both smoke so much weed, when they fart, everyone gets high.
by Boats n' Hoes June 29, 2009
Essentially 4chan and tumblr to a degree, but it is dominated by women mostly (About 88%) The other 12% is pretty much fags or transgender homosexuals. Upon looking at my ex girlfriends pinterest, i was overcome by home much stupid stuff there was to be seen. From what i saw, you "Repin" what others have posted. In her case, recipes for food (Fat ass), housing arrangements, ways in how you can get a good workout (Bullshit, use a gym), etc. I'm guessing that is what tomboys pin. The normal female posts about her wedding day, accreditations and true values in a relationship, the size of their boyfriends monster cock, etc. Shit like that is just stupid on both ends, i do however have to give my youngest sister credit she posts nothing of the kind, instead, she simply bashes on them and their pins.
Tammy pinned about a mix of applesauce and bananas and caused 500 other young, naive, women to slather that shit in their hair and make a huge fucking mess that not even the hairdresser could fix, instead, they called sergeant dornan and they all got a buzz cut.

Tammy, all us guys forever reserve you a spot at the bar, man cave, and or bed.

This is what you get for believing shit on pinterest, a buzz cut...was it worth it?
by Boats n' hoes August 01, 2013
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