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When a person the shaves their nederlands and it grows back to a stub and tears up their partner.
Man my g/f really turned me into a Cactus Humper last night.
by BoXeR311 January 09, 2005
Some one who falls asleep on the toilet and soon falls off to their own demise.
We heard snoring but played it off but about 10 minutes later we heard a sudden thump and realised Brians mom had pulled a toilet thumper.
by BoXeR311 January 04, 2005
1. People who spend most of their weekends at Home Depot.

2. The group of people who wait in front of Home Depot waiting for work. Also known as Day Laborers.
These things.....they came to our homes....took our gardening equipment and lawn supplies.....they even painted the trim.....homedepotians i think they are called.....crazy
by Boxer311 June 27, 2011
Acting out, saying or portraying anything in such a gay manner it can only be described as Homo-Heroic.
Is Aaron homophobic? No, closer to Homo-Heroic.

Others Include:

Freddy Mercury's mustache
Making out with a guy to see girls make out
Using a Bluetooth Ear Piece
Two guys in a sleeping bag
Straight Bash a crowd of straight people
by Boxer311 June 27, 2011

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