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1. Used mainly by ogres as an expression of greeting.
K: Hey
Cliff: Umm... Huh-lop...
Cliff: How are you?
K: I'm good whats up?
Cliff: How are you?
K: ...umm.. good?
Cliff: How are you?
by Bob Villa April 02, 2005
When u have a boner, but its small, and EXTREAMLY hard. Unlike a regular boner when its EXTREAMLY big. So if u have a small boner thats really thick and hard, you are mini-boned
1. "dude i was sooo mini-boned last night"
2."I got mini-boned"
3."because i was mini-boned my girl couldnt jack me off"
by bob villa November 29, 2003
When your hair is extremely messy and it looks like a bush of needle dicks smacked you. it hurts!!
I am bushwhacked this mornign
by BOB VILLA May 05, 2003
mike caro
HomoSexual....Mike caro is a homo sexual
by BoB villa January 02, 2004
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