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1151 definitions by BoB

Tits and ass (boobs & butt)
Mrs. Birch has t & a.
by Bob November 19, 2004
309 85
someone who has given up on finding a partner and has become addicted to masturbating while watching porn. A porniac will do this three or four times a day, and will usually view the porn from his(sometimes her) computer where he/she has downloaded it. Will have a massive collection stored on hard drive
i bet he is a porniac
by Bob June 11, 2004
272 50
1. A Virginia Tech Fan
2. A Fighting Globber
3. Anyone who hates UVA
Hokie Fans love to hate UVA
by Bob September 13, 2003
506 289
A drink that is far better than nasty-ass Pepsi.
Prices: Coke 24 pack: $6
Pepsi 24 pack: $3

I'll still take the Coke.
by Bob June 10, 2003
347 134
a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive
by Bob December 17, 2002
256 42
means cool, chilled, or relaxed
i wish i can be more of a leo.
by Bob February 26, 2003
663 451
a word to describe people who actually think about what is right in american politics
i am liberal and proud of it
by bob April 17, 2005
673 471